If the government has evidence that any member of the defense has acted improperly so as to create “a problem of [our] own making,” DE 547 at 3, it should provide that evidence to defense counsel and to the Court without further delay. One more round of accusations and blame-shifting by counsel for the government (to which defense counsel cannot respond) will neither assist the Court, establish the facts, nor repair the damage already done.

Doc 551

Looks like it’s going to be an interesting status conference. I’m so glad patsysvodka will be there. Looking forward to your posts, Pats!

Anonymous asked: *Something* must have happened with the defense in Russia, right? I find it hard to believe the gov't completely made up those allegations without them having some kernel of truth. But I also see the def's point that the allegations don't even make sense (i.e., how would it help them to be seen as FBI agents?). Very confusing, and the court doc today merely denies what the gov't specifically said, and says nothing about what actually happened.


I agree, something happened.  My first thought considering how ridiculous this all sounds was that it could have been something as simple as a translation issue, maybe an offhand remark from the defense that was misinterpreted?  Sounds like they pissed off the wrong person in Russia.  It does remain confusing though and I hope they clear things up on Thursday.

My first thought when the government included this in Doc 547 was that this is going to be like the time Jahar made a “statement to his detriment”, something makes headlines, but isn’t that big

The government said this happened recently, perhaps the defense didn’t have time to obtain a work visa (apparently they’d need a letter from a Russian sponsor with their itinerary), and with the trial date quickly approaching they secured travel visas quicker. idk, just a guess with the information we have.

Tamerlan’s computers–and indeed his very existence–are omitted
from all four of these reports, presumably because the government believes that its case for the death penalty will be stronger if the
jury remains in the dark about how the Marathon bombing was conceived, and by whom.